Jewelry Care

We hope you will love, wear, and enjoy every piece of your jewelry for many years to come. Due to the nature of antique and vintage jewelry however, a bit more TLC is needed to help prolong the lives of these special pieces.

We’ve included some general jewelry care suggestions below but never hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about jewelry care.



Most types of jewelry can be cleaned periodically to remove grime, dirt, and grease that builds up over time and reduces its beauty by simply using a soft toothbrush with mild non-detergent soap, and warm water.

In a small bowl, soak your jewelry in warm water, dab a little soap on a toothbrush, and gently scrub the item. Make sure to clean in and around any holes and crevices where dirt can get trapped easily. Then rinse the piece with water and dry with a lint-free cloth like paper towels or a jewelry cloth if you have one.

We DO NOT advise this for any soft or porous stones like emeralds, pearls, coral, turquoise, and opal. Instead, use a soft, lint-free cloth or non-treated jewelry cloth to clean these sensitive stones and restore luster.



We DO NOT advise wearing your jewelry during strenuous physical activities like working out or moving heavy objects, which can damage stones and/or dent and scratch metals. 

DO NOT wear your jewelry while using any cleaning products or dyes that can have a negative reaction with some gemstones. And DO NOT wear your jewelry while swimming in a pool, as the chlorine can discolor metals and dull gemstones, or in the ocean for risk of losing it.



Have your jewelry checked about once a year by a local jeweler you trust to ensure there are no loose stones or damaged prongs, both of which can happen over time and especially with rings.



Store your jewelry in separate cloth pouches to prevent scratching and chipping of your jewelry. Diamonds can easily scratch other gemstones as well as scratch other diamond jewelry.

DO NOT store pearls and opals in a safe deposit box or any tight box for long periods of time as this can dry them out and cause discoloration in pearls and crazing in opals.

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